In 1999 DUBAI put itself on the map with what was then the world’s tallest and first ever “seven star” hotel, but that’s now seen as a warm-up.

In the years since, the city has laid claim to the World’s Largest Mall, Largest Fountain, Largest Airport Terminal, Longest Urban Zip-line, Tallest Building, World’s Largest Acrylic Panel, Longest Driverless Metro System, Largest Picture Frame, Tallest Vertical Maze, Largest Man-Made Island, and, Highest Infinity Pool and Restaurant.

It’s taken the title of World’s Tallest Hotel from itself four times, has more supertall skyscrapers than any other city on Earth, and will soon be home to the world’s tallest observation wheel.But taller, further, larger, and higher has all become a bit same-y for the city, and the latest addition to its record-breaking rap sheet goes in a completely different direction.