Like any hashtag or social media movement with its incessant buzzwords, one can’t help but keep hearing about the idea of device or digital “detoxing.” As if cleanses laced with cayenne aren’t enough, now we have to take a long hard look at our digital behaviors.

And yet, we seem so tied to our communities via social that it can seem akin to becoming a social pariah to walk away. That said, we all know and are intrigued by the anonymity of those with a low social media profile.

Clearly, they are too busy living their fabulous lives to bother but post once every blue moon, typically from a yacht in Greece. How can we find a healthy middle ground?

As the winter doldrums soon become a distant memory, the sunshine of the coming months is often prime time for not only kicking back on decks and front porches, but also ample opportunity for FOMO as everyone seems to be at the beach, a music festival, or doing some other phenomenal thing you wish you had known about.

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