No two people respond to adversity the same way.Some folks embrace the challenge and figure things out for themselves. Others, the majority of us, need to help from experts to help us navigate the problems we are facing related to stress and fear. One expert I have turned to is Sharon Melnick, Ph.D., a leading authority on stress resilience who did a decade’s worth of research work at Harvard Medical School.

Some managers may think that they do not have time to coach their people.“The leader doesn’t have time to ‘not do this,’” Melnick told me in an email interview. “All the research prior to this crisis indicates that employees who feel a sense of belonging and psychological safety will be engaged with the work and have loyalty to the manager and organization.”

“Managers want to remember that the work gets done through people,” says Melnick. A manager can alleviate stress through conversation. “That will help the employee spend more time on the work. And it will make that employee so much more motivated to work for that manager.”

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