“I’m doing at least three jobs daily, sometimes simultaneously,” lamented Sara, a single mother of school-aged children who also has an elderly parent in hospice care.“Most mornings I am up at dawn to accommodate calls with our staff in Asia so I can handle those before my kids awaken.

My twin boys and my daughter are now being home-schooled because of the pandemic, so I try to get them started on academic assignments right after breakfast. It’s not easy though, because the kids aren’t accustomed to working from home and lack the discipline to stay on schedule without my prompting.

Add to this the pressure of arranging in-home care for my father who lives two states away, and there are days when I feel like I’m at my breaking point. Unfortunately, those days are happening with increasing frequency.”

I asked Sara if she feels she’s giving her best to the job she once told me she loves. “Probably not, she responded, but I’m giving what I’ve got left and hoping it’s enough.

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