The scaffold coupler was developed by StrucTemp and LUMA-ID and showcased at the Futurebuild trade fair in January.

For two years a prototype has been handled with great care, whether in the hands of the product design company that produced it or the civil engineer whose experience in the construction industry spawned the idea for it.At January’s Futurebuild trade show, the sintered aluminium piece, a new design of a scaffold coupler, was being clanged and bashed against the kind of cold, metal framework it is designed to join together.

For more than 100 years, the design of scaffold couplers hasn’t changed, so those clanging and bashing know just how much they should withstand, they know how long it usually takes to screw the part tight and they know when they’ve come across big potential.They got it immediately,” LUMA-ID Director and Product Designer Mark Little told TCT a week later. “It’s really satisfying when you spend so much time designing something and it’s used by people in the trade for the first time, slamming it against the scaffolding, doing their thing, and they [were asking] ‘when can I have this?’”

The civil engineer who thought up the coupler design is a Managing Partner of StrucTemp, a structural and temporary works service, with more than 36 years’ experience. In that time, Shiraz Dudhia has been hurdling and ducking the threaded studs that stick out of traditional couplers asking, ‘has nobody come up with anything better than this?’