Mike G. Winter, BSc, PhD, CGeol, CEng, FICE, FGS, EurGeol, EurIng



The UK Specification for Highway Works currently makes no specific provision for the use of continuous compaction control (CCC) in the construction of earthworks for roads and highways.

Such techniques can be used by constructors, but the provisions of the specification take primacy, leaving little incentive to do so. In this paper the background to earthworks compaction is set out in the context of the potential beneficial use of CCC in the UK specification.

Historic and current CCC specifications are then reviewed and examples of the use of CCC are provided. It is concluded there is no major technical obstacle to the introduction of CCC to road and highway earthworks in the UK. Work is required to produce integrate suitable specification clauses, including the provision of data from CCC in building information management.

Major UK transport infrastructure projects offer excellent opportunities to develop and refine a specification and bring CCC into mainstream use.


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