FujiwaraMuro Architects has built a house in Osaka, Japan, with concrete exterior walls that extend to the interior. “Inside, we wanted to create the feeling of being within a concrete maze,” the studio said.



Japanese studio FujiwaraMuro Architects has completed a house near Osaka with concrete walls that separate the interior spaces and extend through walls into the garden.

Local studio FujiwaraMuro Architects helped the clients for House in Minoh-shinmachi to select a site for their home in a new development north of the city.The suburban location with views towards the nearby mountains informed the design of a ranch-style house with living spaces arranged across a single level.

The way the walls pierce House in Minoh-shinmachi’s facades is intended to create an increased connection between inside and outside, helping to enhance the sense of space within the 75-square-metre property.

Both the internal and external walls are made in the same way, using formwork panels that leave behind circular indentations when they are removed.