Learn how GoldiLox, the new peelable concrete floor protection, is revolutionizing the construction industry by solving the problem of protecting polished concrete floors during heavy construction. Say goodbye to traditional, ineffective methods and hello to a more efficient, cost-effective solution.



David Harris and David Forren, managing partners of Riverbed Concrete and Slick Rock Concrete, have invented GoldiLox, a new product that could solve a problem that has vexed general contractors for years. GoldiLox is a peelable concrete floor protection that could revolutionize the construction industry.

The product tackles the problem of how to protect polished concrete during the many months of heavy construction. GoldiLox is an effective way to protect the surface of the concrete against oil leaks, oversized construction machinery, metal shavings, dropped tools, chemical spills, and industrial mishaps.

Polishing the floors after construction is not a viable option. This is due to the danger posed by electricians, plumbers, painters, drywall and other tradespeople, who make the worksite difficult to coordinate around the industrial process of grinding and polishing.

Furthermore, it’s a hugely inefficient installation process that often produces sub-par results. Contractors often try to protect the concrete surface with cardboard, plywood, or plastic, but they are not always effective. Cardboard becomes mushy when wet, and plywood curls and bows, which can produce ghosting in the finished flooring.

Plastic is not seamless, meaning debris and liquids can easily get underneath it, and it’s also a slip-and-trip hazard. GoldiLox is a cost-effective alternative to these traditional methods. It is lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install.

The product is applied to the concrete surface before construction begins, providing a durable barrier against heavy construction traffic. GoldiLox is an innovative solution to a long-standing problem in the construction industry, and it has the potential to save contractors time and money while producing better quality results.





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