Concrete Sector Produces Roadmap to Carbon Negative

The UK concrete and cement industry has set out how it plans to become net carbon negative by 2050, removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits each year.

UK Concrete, part of the Mineral Products Association (MPA), says that net zero can be met through decarbonised electricity and transport networks, fuel switching and greater use of low-carbon cements and concretes as well as carbon capture, usage or storage (CCUS) technology for cement manufacture.

Called Roadmap to Beyond Net Zero, the strategy document sets out the potential of each technology and the carbon savings that might be achieved. CCUS technology is vital to delivering net zero manufacturing, it says, and according to the roadmap will deliver 61% of the required carbon savings.

A net negative concrete and cement industry by 2050 will be achieved by using the natural, in-use properties of concrete which include its ability to absorb carbon dioxide during use, and the benefit of using the thermal properties of concrete in buildings and structures to reduce operational emissions, the authors claim.