hiroshi kinoshita and associates has built a two-story concrete house in a small town in japan, complete with an open library on the ground floor.

designed for a client who has many books and chose the building as a place to keep them and share them with the town, the project is characterized by a ‘fluid’ ground level space where a freeform, pool-like continuous bench in the center recreates the atmosphere of a plaza.

the entrance of the building comprises six glass sliding doors that face the large street in front, and draws the attention of passersby without imposing its presence on them.hiroshi kinoshita and associates has developed the project with the aim of adding to the relaxed atmosphere of the town, consisting of a river that crosses the neighborhood, and promenades and small parks where residents can take walks or sit down and relax.the two-story concrete building comprises an open, more public ground level complete with concrete floors, ceilings, and bookcases, as well as the freeform bench where people can sit down and read books and relax.