Jerzy Kukiełka, Wojciech Bańkowski and Krzysztof Mirski



The goal of the work was to describe properties of asphalt-cement concrete (ACC) with reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), Portland cement, sand, and rubber powder (RP), as a material to base courses of road pavements.

The mixtures were designed with the RAP in the amount of 75, 80, and 85% (m/m) and chosen cement-sand-rubber (CSR) mortar. Three CSR mortars were composed with cement CEM 42.5 R in the amount 29% (m/m); washed sand 0/2 mm in the amount 29, 35, or 41%; rubber powder of granulation 0/1 mm in the amount of 18, 24, or 29% (m/m); and water in the amount 12% fulfilled w/c = 0.4.

The optimum moisture content of the selected ACC with CSR mortar determined in the modified Proctor compaction test was approximately 6% and maximum dry density 2.000 g/cm3.

Laboratory tests of indirect tensile strength, stiffness modulus (IT-CY and 4PB-PR), water resistance, fatigue life, and complex modulus (E*) at different temperatures were conducted and analyzed. The test results are presented, among others, in the form: the isotherm of complex modulus, Black curve, the master curve, and the Cole-Cole plot.



reclaimed asphalt pavement; asphalt-cement concrete; cement mortar; rubber powder