Are prefabricated foundations the future for onshore sites?

Rather than the six weeks it typically takes to construct a standard foundation, the prefabricated units “can be laid in just one day,” according to the foundation’s manufacturer, Artepref Renovables.

The 400-tonne units require specialised transportation and crane but slash onsite workforce needs “by around 90%,” Artepref claims.A second day is needed to tighten the steel “tendons” criss-crossing the concrete mass before the turbine can be mounted.Another advantage Artepref points to is the controlled factory environment its product is made in, “enabling a standardised process” and ensuring a “validated” foundation system arrives on site.

In contrast to the drawn-out conventional method for laying turbine foundations, the company claims its solution also “eliminates uncertainties related to concrete setting, variable environmental conditions and the continual supervision and quality controls needed onsite”

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