Architects H2L builds Concrete Slit House on a Triangular IOT in South Korea


Architects H2L has completed the slit house on a triangular corner lot, located on a hilltop village nearby the city of guri, gyeonggi province, south korea. built for a couple involved in clothing design, as well as their two children, the concrete residence combines working and living spaces, with the basement and ground floor enclosing an office and meeting room, and the other two levels above enclosing the family’s living spaces.

Seoul-based firm architects H2L has approached the lot’s restricting land conditions through a design concept suitable for its triangular morphology. the lot, which measures only 95 sqm, extends four levels above ground, and is complete with a basement and a roof terrace. as the owners, a couple involved in clothing design, wanted to gather their living and working places in one building , the slit house is designed to enclose an office and meeting room in the basement and ground level, while living spaces extend from the second to the third floor.

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