Author(s): Colin B. Van Niejenhuis, Ibrahim G. Ogunsanya, and Carolyn M. Hansson


The pore solution expressed from 28-day cement pastes was analyzed as part of a wider research program investigating the corrosion behavior of stainless-steel reinforcing bars in concrete, using inductively coupled plasma and ion chromatography techniques.

The pastes were prepared with different water-cementitious materials (binder) ratios (w/cm), portland cement with and without supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), and with admixed sodium chloride in the range typical of the threshold values for stainless steel reinforcement.

The major anion and cation concentrations are given, showing the influence of admixed chloride on the amount of chloride retained in solution and of sulfate released into the pore solution. The results are discussed in terms of the initial compositions of the cementitious materials and their effect on chloride binding.

Keywords: blast furnace slag; cement paste; chloride; pore solution; silica fume

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