Acciona, a global developer of sustainable infrastructure solutions, particularly in renewable energy projects, has launched a digital earthmoving platform through its Construction Technology Centre.

The main goal of this platform, which provides systematic monitoring and control of the machinery used for earthmoving operations, is to optimise these processes and improve the productivity of the projects carried out by the company. One of the major advantages of this tool is its versatility, as it can be implemented on projects carried out with Acciona’s own machinery or on projects that use subcontracted machinery, as it is compatible with any manufacturer, said the Spanish company in a statement.

The first step in operating this digital platform is to compile data from monitoring all of the machinery, which is possible thanks to a GPS system that can be installed simply and non-invasively on each piece of machinery, it stated. The operator of each machine has the option to enter different operational data using an app and can also record other parameters (consumption) by installing an additional device, as well as directly extracting data from the machine itself via the manufacturer’s API.

The next step is to process the data collected by the devices. Different events can then be defined using a variety of algorithms, such as the start or end of loading, allowing activities to be identified and performance data to be calculated, said the statement from Acciona.