Majid Khan, Muhammad Shakeel,Khalid Khan, Saeed Akbar and Adil Khan



Cost-effectiveness and affordability are important factors in the selection of construction material. To achieve this cost-effectiveness, new materials must be brought into use. One such material is foam concrete, which seems to be affordable and economical. Foam concrete has the best thermal insulation and fire resistance properties.

However, using foam concrete as a construction material is a major challenge because of its low tensile strength and brittle nature. To improve the properties of foam concrete, researchers have added various fibers. This paper reviews the effects of various synthetic and natural fibers on the mechanical and physical properties of foam concrete.

Incorporating fibers into foam concrete slightly increases its compressive strength, while increasing its tensile strength up to three times, its flexural strength up to four times, and its impact strength up to six times.



foam concrete; fiber-reinforced foam concrete; fibers; mechanical and physical properties; tensile strength