As a crane operator, Frank needs to keep an eye on a long list of things on the ground and in the air around the business end of his rig as it trembles in the winds and groans under the load of a new bucket of concrete coming up.

His ground spotter’s voice crackles in his ear reassuringly and his high-resolution video screens give him a clear view of everything around that bucket as he swings around to deliver the pour. A light touch on the joystick and he’s in perfect position, the laser guides confirming he’s good to go as the load dumps into the forms and the project under construction inches up another notch.

Except, Frank isn’t on the site. He’s in an office miles away, in a temperature controlled cockpit with an array of video screens. There was no climb up in freezing rain into a cramped cabin.Welcome to construction in 2030 where 5G technology has revolutionized how things are done.

It’s not science fiction and it’s only a slight step up from remote miners who similarly sit in cockpits and remotely operate machines in mines miles away.The difference is that 5G wireless technology is changing the way we harness digital controls and devices in all sectors with construction about to see some major changes.