Some time ago we explored BIM, Building Information Modeling, and explained what it stands for. We took a deeper look into 5D and the new revelations for this industry changing information sharing system.

5D is a five-dimensional way of showing the physical & functional aspects of any project. You can find the 5D information sharing in level 2, full collaboration, of the BIM along with 4D. 5D adds the element of costs to the already existing time management and CDE components of information sharing in construction.

5D allows more people to be involved in the conversation from the onset instead of working in isolation waiting to provide information about their piece of the project when it is time. This technology also allows automatic generation of quantities to be processed quicker, provides more accurate data and allows the estimator to explore new ways of providing efficient designs, performance and costs.

A better way to understand it is if we take that same idea and apply it to brands and social media. When using social media, brands have a way to assist more consumers quicker than in the original phone or email customer service ways, a “generation of quantities to be processed quicker.”