Denmark-based COBOD and PERI recently 3D printed the walls of four houses in four days at the recent bautec 2020 exhibition.

Over the course of four days, this tour de force demonstration was viewed by thousands of visitors and attendees in Berlin. To be exact, the company printed walls for 3.5 houses and two bautec logos at a rate of eight square meters per hour.COBOD is one of the most promising construction-scale 3D printing companies, and together with PERI, it set out to demonstrate in real time an alternative to traditional methods used in concrete construction.

In traditional construction, lead times are difficult to predict and control, and there are off-site transportation issues and on-site safety issues. The whole process is often very wasteful to global ecology. Civil engineers use casting or precast procedures on the jobsite to make structural objects that support bridges, homes and buildings.The materials are generally Ordinary Portland cement. Alternatives to these methods have been widely publicized in trade press and other publications, but COBOD and PERI are the first to demonstrate the 3D construction printing of a house in real time—on full display in front of 30,000 people.