As many as 2.7 million construction positions could be replaced by machines by 2057, a recent study from the Midwest Economic Policy Institute (MEPI) found.
The study claims about 49% of all construction jobs can be automated, which would save time and money. Specifically, the report found, there is automation potential for about 50% of carpenters’ jobs, 42% for electricians, 50% for plumbers and 88% for operating engineers.​

The replaced workers, including 435,000 carpenters and 404,000 operating engineers, could reduce labor costs by $31.5 billion in present-day dollars.
The MEPI report also offered policy recommendations to help create a potential roadmap for dealing with increasing automation and how it will affect the workers it replaces. The study’s authors suggested adapting apprenticeship programs to focus more on aiding implementation of automated construction work. The report also urged local governments to collaborate with educational institutions for retraining programs.