Julia Rosales , Francisco Agrela , José Luis Díaz-López and Manuel Cabrera



This work develops the manufacture of self-compacting concrete (SCC) with 50% cement reduction. As an alternative binder to cement, the viability of using an alkali-activated combination of stainless steel slag (SSS) and fly ash (FA) has been demonstrated.

SSS was processed applying three different treatments. Binders were manufactured mixing 35% SSS with 65% FA, as precursors, and a hydroxide activating solution. This binder was replaced by the 50% cement for the manufacture of SCC. The results obtained show good mechanical properties and durability. The study shows a reduction in the use of cement in the manufacture of SCC reusing two wastes. View Full-Text



stainless steel slag; alternative alkaline activation; self-compacting concrete; mechanical behaviour; durability properties