Fager-McGee Commercial Construction is working with Strata Worldwide to develop construction panels with a foam core and shotcrete exterior. “We can cut energy costs by 60% with this construction,” said Eric Gregg from Fager-McGee.



SOUTHERN ILLINOIS — Despite below-freezing temperatures and ice still covering many roadways, a company with a revolutionary construction product spent Wednesday preparing an important export.

Fager-McGee Commercial Construction Co.’s Resilient Building Division is working with an Australian defense contractor to provide a prototype construction panel designed to stand up to bomb blasts, hurricane winds and loud noises, plus save a bundle on power bills. Designers say the product will be a game-changer in the construction world.

“This is a product that has the ability to change the way we build worldwide,” says Fager-McGee Resilient Building team member Eric Gregg. “And it’s all from a manufacturing facility here in Ridgway.”

The panels have a foam core with wire mesh reinforcing them and are manufactured by Strata Worldwide. The panels, known as EVG 3-D panels, are installed, and then sprayed with what’s known as “shotcrete,” a sprayable form of concrete. The construction process results in walls that are superior to current concrete construction methods, and that’s what the Australian company wants to test, Gregg said.

“This product will meet energy standards set by the Department of Defense for the year 2045. We can meet them now,” Gregg said. “This is going to be a game-changer as energy conservation continues to come to the forefront.”