A system employing artificial intelligence is comparing older and newer photos of 74 bridges on Long Island in New York to identify small maintenance issues that can be addressed early. The system from Dynamic Infrastructure operates continuously and alerts users to anomalies in a bid to tackle issues before they become major problems.



The rollout of the infrastructure-analyzing AI technology comes in the wake of the American Society of Civil Engineers giving the country’s infrastructure a D+. The organization found more than 56,000 bridges nationally were “structurally deficient.”

Dynamic Infrastructure’s technology continuously processes past and current inspection reports and visuals, identifying future maintenance risks and evolving defects, the company claimed in its release. The result is a live, cloud-based risk analysis of any bridge or tunnel. The system automatically alerts users when changes are detected in maintenance and operating conditions — before they develop into large-scale failures.

The firm said its creates a “visual medical record” for each asset, based on existing images taken from past and current inspection reports and interim inspections.

The analysis can use any visual source, from smartphones and drones to laser scanning. The images are compared and serve as the basis for the alerts on changes in maintenance conditions, are accessible through a browser, and can be instantly shared with peers and contractors to speed maintenance workflows.

In addition to Suffolk County, New York, the firm said it has projects in other states, as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Israel for clients who operate a total of 30,000 infrastructure assets.



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