Bamboo is a very resistant, versatile, and sustainable natural building material, which can be used to build structures and decorative elements. This article explores its diverse applications in a selection of projects for public spaces.



There are many different species of bamboo that are native to various locations on the planet where the climate is warmer.

Throughout history, bamboo has been used as raw material for objects such as musical instruments, furniture, and also in the construction of shelters. More recently, its use in the construction industry is focused on experimenting with vernacular techniques that have less impact on the environment.

Since bamboo is an organic material, it requires very specific treatments to protect it from the weather and also from fungi and insects that can compromise its structure. At the same time, it is a natural material that can resist great structural stress and compression while also offering good thermal properties for insulation.

Moreover, it is easy to handle and integrates very well with other materials, such as steel, stone, and masonry, allowing a wide range of design possibilities. Bamboo is often used in small-scale projects, such as houses, but its versatility is a valuable feature when it comes to public spaces and facilities.

Here is a selection of projects for public spaces that use bamboo in many creative ways:

Bambu combinado a outros materiais
Bes Pavilion / H&P Architects

using bamboo in construction