The ZeroCabin is a small off-grid cabin made by a team in Chile with no formal architecture training. It can be delivered as a finished turnkey home to locals but is also being sold as a kit for handy types to build their own.

Each ZeroCabin is tailored to suit the clients’ needs and local conditions but the model pictured is located on a Puma reserve in southern Chile. It measures 26 sq m (280 sq ft) and is primarily made from wood with metal sheet cladding. It also features biodegradable insulation and was built without using nails so should be relatively recyclable.

The home is raised above the ground on wooden stilts and accessed using steps and a trapdoor. The first floor sports a deck area and a combined living/dining area, with a sofa bed, a small drop-down table, and a basic kitchenette. A small bathroom with composting toilet is nearby and a set of steps lead up to the bedroom, which contains a double bed.