Qi Liu, Kang Peng, Yousef Zand, Alireza Sadighi Agdas, Haneen M. Al-Tamimi, Hamid Assilzadeh, Ahmed Abdel Khalek Ebid 7ORCID,Mohamed Amine Khadimallah and H. Elhosiny Ali



The compressive strength, shrinkage, elasticity, and electrical resistivity of the cement-soil pastes (slag, fly ash) of self-healing of cementitious concrete have been studied while adding hydrogels with nano silica (NSi) in this research.

Defining the hydraulic and mechanical properties of these materials requires improvement to motivate more uptake for new buildings.

Initially, examining the impact of different synthesized hydrogels on cement-soil pastes showed that solid particles in the mixtures highly affected the absorption capacity of NSi, representing the importance of direct interactions between solid particles and hydrogels in a cementitious matrix.

All test results were analyzed by use of a hybridized soft computing model such as the adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and support vector regression (SVR) for precise studying and the avoidance of few empirical tests or error percentages.

Subsequently, the best RMSE of ANFIS is 0.6568 and the best RMSE of SVM is 1.2564; the RMSE of ANFIS-SVM (0.5643) in the test phase is also close to zero, showing a better performance in hypothesizing self-healing soil-cementitious hydrogel materials in mine backfill.

The R2 value for ANFIS-SVM is 0.9547, proving that it is a proper model for predicting the study’s goal. Electrical resistivity and compressive strength declined in the cement-soil pastes including hydrogels according to experimental outcomes; it was lowered by the increase of NSi concentration in the hydrogel.

There was a decrement in the autogenous shrinkage of cement-soil pastes while adding hydrogel, depending on the NSi concentration in the hydrogels. The findings of this research are pivotal for the internal curing of cementitious materials to define the absorption of hydrogels.



self-healing; soil; cement; hydrogel materials; mechanical strength; autogenous shrinkage; SVM; ANFIS