Saitec Offshore and Technologies and RWF has selected Ferrovial for building the swimming around twin hull floating platform for the demo SATH project off the coast of Bilbao, Spain.
This contract is include of supply chain management, site preparation, concrete pre…casting , bulk head procurement and assembly of the floater.



Saitec Offshore Technologies and RWE Renewables have selected Ferrovial to manufacture and assemble the SATH floating platform in the DemoSATH project.

The construction package is expected to last 14 months and covers site preparation, concrete precasting, procurement of steel bulkheads, and assembly of the floater along with management of the supply chain.The DemoSATH project will deploy the first multi-megawatt floating offshore wind turbine connected to the Spanish grid.

The SATH Technology floater is based on a twin hull, made of modularly prefabricated and subsequently braced concrete elements. According to Saitec, it can align itself around a single point of mooring depending to the wind and wave direction.For the prototype, the structure and the 2-MW wind turbine will be assembled in the port of Bilbao. The base of the structure will be about 30 m (98 ft) wide and 64 m (210 ft) long.

The platform, including the turbine, will be towed to its anchorage point in a test field (BIMEP) 3 km (2 mi) off the coast at a depth of 85 m (279 ft). Hybrid mooring lines, composed by chains and fiber, anchored to the seabed will hold the floating body in position.




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