A world-first green roads trial in Sydney will use concrete that has been made from the industrial waste of coal-fired power stations and steel manufacturing.
The City of Sydney is putting the environmentally friendly building product to the test on a busy inner-city street, replacing a 30m section of roadway on Wyndham Street in Alexandria.
To test the green concrete’s durability, the City has laid a 15m traditional concrete and 15m of Geopolymer concrete, a sustainable blend of concrete and recycled materials.
As a major road leading to Sydney Airport, the high traffic volume provides the perfect conditions for the trial.Nine sensors have been positioned under the concrete to monitor and compare how the Geopolymer concrete performs.UNSW Sydney researchers and the CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL) will then use results from the trial to create the first set of industry guidelines for Geopolymer concrete.
Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, said the City was committed to finding new ways to lower carbon emissions.“I’m proud that the City of Sydney was Australia’s first carbon-neutral local government and that we’re continuing to take significant steps to reduce our carbon footprint,” Ms Moore said.“Projects like this Geopolymer trial can result in new products that make a real difference in slashing carbon emissions.