THIS 110-year-old two-track tunnel beneath the Hudson River carries 200,000 people a day – and it’s crumbling. Between 2014 and 2018, major failures caused 65,000 minutes of train delays. That’s roughly 45 days of commuters stuck on platforms, trains or facing a departure board full of cancellations.

Fixing this relatively humble tunnel between New York and New Jersey has been dubbed one of the most important infrastructure projects in America. That’s because these delays don’t just impact New Yorkers. The tunnel is a bottleneck for America’s busiest passenger railroad, from Boston to Washington D.C. When it fails, 20% of the nation’s GDP gets put on hold. If just one track were to close, it could cost the nation $16 billion.

Building a new tunnel sounds like a no-brainer. But first, engineers need the money and political will to get it done.