The 4 A’S of Strategic Execution : The First 2 — Alignment and Ability

To re-cap, the 4A model of strategic execution is a system of interrelated and interdependent factors. Here we have looked at alignment and ability. But executional capability also requires infrastructure, processes, structure, and systems to make things scalable and repeatable. And the ability to shift rapidly in response to change.

For an introduction to the 4A strategy model, please see Strategic Execution: Performance Excellence With 4 A’s.A few years ago, fast-food behemoth McDonald’s attempted to broaden its customer base. Introducing things like salads and wraps to its menu in an effort to woo health-conscious customers (who almost never ate there), the company started to neglect its core: making great burgers. After losing $500 million over a five-year period and seeing newcomers break into the market with better, gourmet burgers, McDonald’s announced it would re-embrace its identity as a fast-food chain and worry less about customers it was never likely to win over.

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