I love this phrase from Patrick Lencioni (one of my most fave business authors). There is something about it that is so concise, so precise, so to-the-point. It addresses our obsession with multitasking and speaks to everything — from our inboxes to our life values. Eight tiny words … one huge impact!.

As a productivity consultant, one of the largest areas that I focus on with clients is their time-management system. We go through their calendar and time systems with a fine-toothed comb, looking to “create more time.” Inevitably, the conversation turns toward priority setting.

How do they determine what is most important, what deserves the most attention and focus? Over the years, I have heard many great ideas, tools, tricks, and methods around setting priorities; however, ultimately, they all come down to this simple idea: Individually, we each know better than anyone else what we have to get done.