Should you choose precast concrete or site cast concrete? This is a vital question for anyone planning a commercial, hospitality or healthcare construction or renovation project. The answer will depend on what your business requires.



Whether you’re embarking on a new construction project or just want to stay on top of building trends, it’s important to know the advantages of both precast concrete and site cast concrete.

Precast concrete has enjoyed popularity due to its affordability and longevity, but site cast concrete has the advantage of being versatile. Having said that, it is more costly and labor and time intensive than precast concrete products.


What is Precast Concrete?

As the name suggests, precast concrete is concrete that has been poured into pre-made molds and cured within the manufacturing plant. Once the concrete has hardened and is ready for use, it is shopped to the relevant site and assembled into the required structure.

The strength of any type of concrete depends on various factors, such as water-cement ratio, design, humidity, weather, curing, workmanship and temperature. For precast concrete to be of high quality and strength, it is cast in a controlled environment, with proper temperature, curing, and so on.

Products can include precast concrete walls, precast concrete slabs, precast concrete panels, and so on.Examples of buildings that were constructed with precast concrete include the Sydney Opera House, the Hershey Medical Center and the Charter Arts School.


Advantages of Precast Concrete
  • Cast without damaging effects of weather
  • Higher numbers of precast concrete units
  • Short timeframe for creation, which leads to reduced costs
  • Better precision, consistency and strength due to controlled factory conditions
  • Since units can be mass produced, there is economy of scale
  • Fixed pricing allows more accurate budgeting of construction, and is ideal for large construction works, and for rapid construction
  • Versatile in terms of textures, colors and shapes, which increases aesthetic value