Woosuk Kim, Thomas H.-K. Kang, Deuckhang Lee, Hajin Choi, and Yoon-Keun Kwak



Given current environmental concerns, attention has been directed toward the use of recycled coarse aggregates (RCAs) as a substitute for natural raw materials commonly consumed in construction.

In regard to shear performance, limited studies currently exist. To this end, a total of 56 reinforced concrete beams without stirrups were tested to identify the effect of using RCA on shear strength. Failure governed primarily by shear span-depth ratios and partially by tension reinforcement ratios can significantly affect shear behavior of RCA concrete members.

Test results obtained for this study were evaluated using current ACI 318 shear design equations. Overall, crack patterns and failure modes for the RCA concrete test specimens were similar to those of natural coarse aggregates (NCAs).

On this basis, it was established that RCA concrete beams can be used in practice with confidence in satisfactory shear performance.



construction waste; design; failure mode; recycled coarse aggregate; shear; strength