Khandaker M. Anwar Hossain, Kokilan Sathiyamoorthy, Tanvir Manzur, and Abdurrahmaan Lotfy



Lightweight self-consolidating concrete (LWSCC) has evolved to combine the excellent benefits of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) and lightweight concrete (LWC). However, investigation on structural performance of LWSCC-made structural components is quite limited.

In this study, the shear behavior of LWSCC beams (with and without shear reinforcement) made of slag aggregates was investigated and compared with normalweight SCC beams. It was observed that LWSCC beams with stirrups showed similar shear behavior compared to their non-shear-reinforced counterparts until the formation of diagonal cracks.

Compared to normal-weight SCC beams without shear reinforcement, non-shear-reinforced LWSCC beams showed lower post-cracking shear resistance. It was also found that shear strength of LWSCC/SCC beams increased with the decrease in shear span-depth ratio. Moreover, American, Canadian, and British codes were found to be conservative in predicting shear strength of shear/non-shear-reinforced LWSCC beams.


diagonal cracks; ductility; lightweight self-consolidating concrete; post-cracking shear resistance; shear behavior; slag aggregates; ultimate shear resistance