Research Highlights Potential of Rooftop Solar


claims that many EU countries can produce solar electricity at a lower cost than retail electricity prices by tapping into rooftops, making it a possible solution to achieve climate neutrality in coal-heavy regions such as Silesia. EU rooftop solar panel systems could produce approximately 680TWh of electricity annually, which is equivalent to 24.4% of the current consumption, it says.

The figures vary greatly from country to country. The paper estimates that the UK has a potential rooftop solar area of 771km2, an economic potential of 6,517GWh/year and that its economic potential share of consumption is 2.1%. The technical potential share is 14.4%. Cyprus, Portugal and Malta top the list with figures of 115.6%, 51.8% and 37%, respectively, for economic potential share.

Rooftop solar could help Poland – the EU’s largest consumer of coal – achieve its recently announced plan to triple its solar power capacities. As of 2019, only 10.9% of Poland’s energy is produced using renewables while 80% comes from coal. Prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki has recently announced that the country is going to triple its photovoltaic capacities to 1.5 gigawatts.

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