The San Francisco-based startup launched a new tool today to give city planners faster access to data on who will be affected by road closures, route changes, reduced service hours and other transit decisions.

All 50 states have plans to begin reopening their economies, and their success will depend in part on how well people will be able to move around while keeping their distance from each other. Remix, a San Francisco-based startup whose software-as-a-service platform helps cities plan transit projects, says it’s seeing a spike in the need for quick-turnaround projects and planning for citizen mobility, and the company has a new data tool to make those happen.

Described in a news release today as a faster way to research ground conditions and map out community impacts of proposals, Remix Explore is a statistical mapping and analysis tool with nationwide data from the U.S. Census and the American Community Survey coded into it. Remix CEO Tiffany Chu said, for example, the city of Seattle wanted to figure out how its short-term road closures related to COVID-19 might factor into a longer-term bike master plan.Remix gives planners an interactive map in which they can turn certain data sets on and off, and see the proximity of certain routes or plans to schools, or what percentage of residents in the vicinity live below the poverty line, or how many belong to a minority demographic.