Standing before a crowd of curious onlookers at a corner of the show floor at the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas, Advanced Construction Robotics president and cofounder Jeremy Searock made a sales pitch for TyBot, his company’s rebar-tying robot.

Searock and ACR are far beyond the testing phase for TyBot. Introduced in 2017 and already in use on large construction projects (ENR 11/20/17 p.37), TyBot is becoming just another tool on the jobsite, says Searock. “[TyBot] has been out in the field, we have been leasing these units, mostly to the bridge industry for the past two years,” he told an assembled crowd.

“This is available for lease now, you can have this at your jobsite or your precast factory next week. This is not science fiction, this is not a prototype, this is a real product that is for sale right now.”TyBot is capable of performing 1,000 ties per hour, roughly the equivalent of a six- to eight-worker crew.

The robot uses computer vision to identify the rebar intersections and then ties them autonomously, with no external guidance or preloaded plans. A single technician is needed to keep an eye on it, freeing up workers to perform other tasks. According to Searock, a TyBot costs $795,000, robot technician not included.