What if you found the perfect life hack?

In a few seconds, you’d suddenly finish up your tasks in record time. With the wave of your iPhone, poof — suddenly you’re getting things done.

According to author and productivity expert Nir Eyal, constantly pursuing these life hacks and tricks won’t really work in the long run. In his book Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life, he writes about how we often look for quick fixes. One of my favorite passages in the book talks about how we sometimes hurry up and try to finish tasks quickly, which causes more stress as we push ourselves harder and harder.

Been there, done that. He notes how we are not identifying what is actually causing the lack of productivity in our lives.Another profound comment I’ve read recently about productivity has to do with tips and tricks, which comes from another expert. We all seem to be on the hunt for these hacks, especially during the pandemic. We are seeking a remedy to help us finish checking our email or complete a sales presentation.

Yet, productivity tips are geared to work initially and in the short-term, but are often not sustainable over time. (I can’t recall the source of this comment; if you know, drop me an email.)