Earning an infrastructure report card rating of D+ should be a wake-up call for the United States. At this point, everyone knows that our nation’s infrastructure is failing, and for those of us who work every day in markets like roads and bridges, water systems and airports, it’s becoming even more obvious.

Many workers involved in industry associations are out banging on representatives’ doors in attempts to get help with putting together and enacting a plan to correct these problems. And it seems like things have been slow-moving, but it’s time to push forward and get a comprehensive infrastructure bill approved.

Every moment that infrastructure projects sit stalled and unfunded creates a larger backlog of work, and the longer we wait, the bigger the task will be. Although one would think this would be a completely bipartisan issue, a real reach across the aisle remains to be seen.

People don’t seem to realize that our infrastructure systems need maintenance just like a car, house or a piece of construction equipment. It seems obvious, but you can’t just let something go for 10 to 20 years and think that it’s going to remain problem free.