Wokingham Borough Council and its highways contractor Volker Highways are to put in kerbs made from recycled plastic at three locations in the borough.

Last month Hampshire County Council said that its highway maintenance contractor, Skanska, was trialling plastic kerbs, as they are lighter to handle and so can be installed more quickly.Initial locations for the Wokingham trials will be: Elm Road, Earley; Old Forest Road, Wokingham; and Easthampstead Road, Wokingham.

These locations have been chosen as they are high-use areas, particularly by HGVs, where kerbs have previously been damaged.The plastic kerbs will be installed in small stretches to see how they stand up to use.The kerbs are made by Durakerb, part of the Econpro Group. Each Durakerb unit is made of the equivalent of 182 recycled plastic bottles and weighs 6kg.

Other local authorities are already using plastic kerbs. Cumbria County Council has been using Durakerb for more than 10 years. They can also be seen in certain locations in Northumberland, North Yorkshire, Ayrshire, Tameside and Caerphilly.