If you are coaching others in the workplace, you probably have some sort of performance management process. While these typically culminate in the annual meeting, many suggest or require at least a midyear check-in too. Even if your process doesn’t suggest that, I believe you benefit everyone by having midyear check-ins. The question is, how to have them, or how to get the most from them?

Here are my tips for creating more value and meaning from the midyear check-in.

Make them part of a process. Perhaps the biggest problem with most performance management systems is that they are treated like events. If you think about performance management that way, you end up with one or two required, emotionally charged meetings that might not go so well.

Yes, the midyear check-in is important. But if you hare having ongoing conversations about performance and progress, these meetings will feel like a natural part of an ongoing conversation. Even if this hasn’t been your approach up util now, the rest of these tips will be immediately applicable.