Demolition specialist AR Demolition has brought down structures at a Leicestershire quarry using methods not usually seen outside of military applications.

AR Demolition used weapons-grade hypersonic ‘kick and cut’ charges to bring down a large screen house at Croft Quarry.Chief executive Richard Dolman believes that the project is the first time such charges have been used in the demolition industry, without the normal pre-weakening activity usually employed to bring a structure down.

He reckons that the technique could now revolutionise safety in the industry.AR Demolition, which is based in Carlton near Market Bosworth, has been working at Croft Quarry since the start of the year after being contracted to complete decommissioning demolition by site owner Aggregate Industries.

The explosives work was part of a joint project to demolish the 1,200-tonne screen house as well as 150 metres of conveyor belts at the bottom of the quarry pit.




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AR Demolition explosives work at Croft Quarry