A $18 million purpose-built facility which produces concrete segments for the Metro Tunnel is helping to create jobs in Melbourne’s west.
The plant, which employs 70 workers, has already produced 3,500 concrete segments ahead of the start of tunnelling at the future North Melbourne Station site in August 2019. Each segment, which will line two 9km metro tunnels, weighs 4.5 tonnes. The concrete segments will be stored at the factory before being transported to the tunnelling sites at Arden and Domain. At peak production, the factory will churn out around 150 curved segments every day – one every seven minutes.
When the project is finished, the factory will have made more than 56,000 concrete segments, which will be arranged into around 9,300 rings forming the walls of the Metro Tunnel – the biggest public transport project ever built in Victoria. Many of the workforce at the facility are auto workers, getting new skills and experience in concrete manufacturing that will set them up for long careers building the infrastructure Victoria needs as it grows.