LSU Researchers Continue Work on Bendable Concrete, Add Sugarcane Byproducts to the Mix

Work on developing an engineered cementitious composite, or bendable concrete, for mass adoption by LSU Construction Management researchers continues and the results are promising.

Most recently, the team constructed three 60-foot-long overlay sections on top of a section of deteriorated asphalt at the Louisiana Transportation Research Center in order to restore its condition. Section one was a jointless 2.5-inch-thick ECC overlay, section two was a jointless 4-inch-thick ECC overlay, and section 3 was a jointed 4-inch-thick regular concrete overlay that acted as a control.

“During construction, we gained insight on the large-scale manufacture of our ECC material, as well as the constructability of overlays with ECC,” said Gabriel Arce, research assistant professor in the Bert S. Turner Department of Construction Management and principal investigator on the project. “We realized that it was much easier and faster to build overlays with ECC than regular concrete. This was mainly due to the excellent workability of ECC and the lack of joints.

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