often seems there is an invisible rubber band tethering a person to their past, to what we know to be safe and familiar.

If you have studied Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs or think about your own experiences, you will recognize this human trait. For purposes of this blog, let me call this the personal elasticity of change.

Overcoming this powerful, common force and driving the organization forward is the challenge of leadership at all levels. It is the territory where leadership communication is absolutely critical and needs to set the tone from the start for transformational success.

Ideally, we need a strong energy guiding the organization forward as one, to a future you as the leaders have clearly articulated; connecting, engaging and inspiring all in pursuit of lofty transformation goals.

At your senior leadership level it all makes so much sense. So where is the disconnect with your internal stakeholders? Why do even some of the most well intended leadership communications create more confusion than clarity?

What leads to a feeling of being “talked at” by leadership even when you as a leader try hard for this not to be the case?

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