Leaders must constantly check that what they do is aligned with their declared values, then help others do the same, writes Kristin Hendrix, who shares her story and offers a framework. “Internal check-ins, and ones with our support network, can help us in continuous improvement,” she writes.



Do you have a clear vision of yourself and how you show up? I did for a long time. In the last few years, that self-image has gotten a little blurry.

I’m not 100% sure when it happened. What matters is that once I saw the misalignment, I couldn’t unsee it.How do we know if the image we have of ourselves is aligned to how we are showing up? We look in the mirror.

The mirror

In spite of what we might believe about our identity, it is not fixed. It is malleable and changes over time. We absorb experiences, knowledge, and relationships. They all influence our identity, so that we grow and shift over time.

Sometimes those shifts have a positive influence. Other times, not so much. Negative experiences, such as living through trauma or working in a toxic environment, can shift us in a way we might not intend.Ideally, we can all look in the mirror and see ourselves fairly, accurately, and with grace.