Improving Estimating and Document Management
Estimating a job is difficult and gets even harder when there are multiple factors and vendors involved. Making the process easier can improve both the time to contract and the accuracy of the estimate. Simplifying the estimating process, therefore, can benefit the contractor and the client.
As one example, InEight has taken this approach with all its programs and now InEight Estimate has improved its user interface with a ribbon-based approach aimed at pricing bids in even less time. With the new navigation method, Estimate’s interface allows you to conveniently work across multiple monitors, opening every job in its own window to compare estimates side-by-side and drag and drop data between jobs.
Some of the changes include new templates, cost item assembly enhancements, and the ability to enter unit or total prices for sub/vendor quotes.Version 19’s user interface allows users to add, delete, rearrange, and relabel commands to create and define new layouts to share with other users while precisely matching organizational bid development and review processes. Fully customizable layouts allow estimating groups to promote consistent bidding practices across dispersed teams.