Do you coach your team members? You probably think you do, but most managers and leaders have an incorrect view of what employee coaching is. Here’s how:

Often managers will say, “I’m coaching my employees,” but what they really mean is, “I’m telling my employees what to do and giving them advice on how I would handle a situation differently/better.”

Listen up, folks. That’s not coaching, that’s telling. Telling has its place here and there. When appropriate, you can put on your “manager hat” and tell an employee something.

However, if you want team members to be more likely to accomplish their goals, then true coaching is a better way to go.Coach employees with open mind, open questions.

Your employees are human beings. As humans, we are much more invested in a solution if we come up with it. An excellent coach asks open-ended questions to help someone determine the answer that’s right for him or her, which may not be the answer we would have provided. Chances are, it’s still a great way to resolve the matter at hand.