The aforementioned quote is taken directly from the mission statement for the city of Dublin, Ohio. This city, which is home to more than 47,000 residents, lies to the northwest of the state’s capital.

Keeping on brand with its status as a namesake for the largest city and capital of Ireland, the Columbus suburb annually hosts the Dublin Irish Festival, one of the largest Irish cultural events in the U.S. The city is also home to over 20 corporate headquarters, over 4,300 businesses, and the walkable Bridge Street District.

It comes as no surprise then that such a community would desire to create an iconic landmark that would help connect its residents and visitors to the plentiful offerings found throughout the vibrant city.Back in 2007, the city of Dublin had envisioned a bridge that would serve both pedestrians and bicyclists in the community. That year, the city council adopted a community plan which for the first time depicted a pedestrian crossing linking the east and west sides of the Scioto River, which runs north to south through the city.