It wasn’t long ago when the phrase “think differently” evoked images of an Apple advertising campaign or the call to action from the cool kids in our corporate and startup playgrounds telling us how to innovate, to cope with the change that was going to disrupt everything.

Oh, for the good old days when all we had to do was think and talk about thinking differently. It’s incredible how a crisis turns squishy, abstract concepts into quick-setting concrete.Few will argue that the pandemic’s stressors, shifting global and local tensions, and the ubiquitous sprint of technology demand new approaches to leading, managing and innovating.

Unfortunately, there’s no real guide or GPS to reorient our brains and push us out of those well-honed grooves that represent the status quo. And when it comes to our approach to leading and all the ingrained habits and systems of managing, it becomes apparent that thinking and acting differently is extraordinarily difficult for biological and political reasons.

Here are some ideas to help jumpstart your level-up activities when it comes to solving new problems in new ways.